Aklease prides itself on being the first in the industry to support all initiatives promoting growth, trust, and success.

The company was founded in 1988. Since its inception, Aklease has offered creative and cost-effective long-term leasing solutions in a variety of different sectors.

One of the sector's best indicators of performance is the list of "net lease receivables" and Aklease has the honor of holding the top three positions.

Aklease, the number one company when it comes to aircraft leasing in Turkey, has established the framework for financing of aircrafts under US Exim coverage and have been working directly with Export Development Canada.

Besides aircraft leasing, Aklease has been continuously joining its force with major international banks and ECA institutions including but not limited to Hermes, SERV, ONND, OEKB for machinery and equipment financing.

Aklease signed for and financed the first wind turbine in Turkey. This project has helped give Aklease the distinction of being the industry's leading leasing company in the field of renewable energy.

Aklease finalised its first syndication in March 2013 with the participation of 7 banks for USD 130 miilion with 1,2 and 3 year tranches.

Another first for the leasing sector in Turkey, in 2013 Aklease broke new ground by issuing a $250 million Eurobond.

Yet, Aklease was one of the first leasing companies in Turkey who has established a multiissuer and multicurrency GMTN program with its shareholder Akbank and has started issuing private placements under this programme.