Aklease prides itself on being the first in the industry to support all initiatives promoting growth, trust, and success.

Ak Finansal Kiralama A.Ş. (Aklease) who is 99.99% Akbank’s associate, is founded in 1988.

Aklease aims to be the permanent leader by supporting the investments which play a large role in the future and development of Turkey by expert leasing solutions.

The company serves in the framework of righteousness, reliability, accountability, transparency, legal conformity, paying regard to social utility and environmental respect principles against its shareholders, employees, customers and all other partners as corporate governance.

Since its foundation, Aklease played an important part in development of sector with innovative, long term and cost-effective leasing solutions for different sectors and by introducing leasing to customers from different segments.

It became the most preferred company of Turkey in leasing of air crafts.

Blazing a trail in Turkey, Aklease earned quality of being the leading leasing company of the sector in energy field with wind energy projects it funded.  It added sun energy ring to its energy financing in year 2014 after wind energy and biogas financing and took part in financing of important projects.

Besides innovative products, Aklease started operations that open a path for the sector in the way of transferring long term and cost-effective resources to its customers.

Within the scope of these operations, Aklease has presented for the use of its customers long-term and cost-effective resources such as the first and only Eurobond issuance carried out by leasing sector in Turkey, GMTN-Global Medium Term Note which is the stock program with varying issuance features, country credits that support export.

Aklease continues to develop every year consistently and without interruption and it clinched its financial success by being among the leader companies of the market with its capital, return on equity and asset quality.

As the supplementary power of development, Aklease continues to give support to investments that its customers will make for the future of Turkey, with its leading spirit and experience.