Turn your Movables and Immovables into a Financial Resource!

Leasing allows you to obtain all the movables and immovables that your company needs by making them available to you in return for rent payments. For this reason, "leasing", which literally means "renting", is a method of long-term financing that offers great opportunities to companies and investors.

With Boomerang Leasing, our "sale and leaseback" product, we determine the real value of the movables and/or immovables belonging to your company, purchase them and rent them back to your company over a long term. In this way, you can meet your financial needs by turning your movables and immovables into long-term financial resources.

The Benefits of Boomerang Leasing

  • You can revaluate your moveables and/or immovables and turn them into a long-term financial resource of up to 100% of their current/appraisal value
  • You can make your rental payments in the currency of your choice
  • When you sell immovables registered to your company to Aklease in order to rent them back, you can take advantage of the title deed fee discount
  • For immovables belonging to your company, you can benefit from exemptions* on Corporate Income Tax and VAT

Movables and immovables viable for Boomerang Leasing:

  • Commercial real estate such as offices, business premises and warehouses
  • Movables and immovables located in industrial parks
  • Production plants, hospitals, hotels
  • All types of machinery and equipment
  • Airplanes, helicopters
  • Motorboats and sailing boats, land transport vehicles and all other movables and immovables included for leasing.

*Except for organizations engaged in securities and the trading and hire of immovables.

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