Discover the Powerful Partner for your Energy Investments!

Leasing allows you to obtain all the movables and immovables that your company needs by making them available in return for rent payments. For this reason, “leasing” which literally means “renting”, is a method of long-term financing that offers great opportunities to companies and investors.
Aklease is a leading energy investor, supporting the financing of power generation projects based on wind, solar, biomass and geothermal energy. As well as renewable energy, Aklease provides financial support, in the form of leasing, for numerous other types of power generation projects, including cogeneration.

The Benefits of Energy Equipment Leasing

  • By joining forces with Aklease, a leader in the management of comprehensive operational processes for the energy sector, you can ensure that processes are completed in a cost-effective and problem-free manner.
  • Experience Aklease service quality, not just in relation to financial procedures, but also with its communication-based services.
  • Instead of you losing time on purchasing procedures, we can ensure that all processes are swiftly completed, on behalf of your company, by Aklease, a company focused exclusively on leasing.
  • For projects concerned with conventional and renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy cost-reduction, Aklease can help you get your scheme off the ground by contacting export credit agencies that promote exports in their own country, allowing you to benefit from cost-effective and long-term financing.
  • For certain investments financed by leasing, you can take advantage of the current 1% concessionary VAT rate and investment incentive.
  • You can facilitate your energy investments with up to 100% financing for leasing agreements on wind turbines, solar panels, inverters, transformers and other power generation and transmission equipment.
  • You can enjoy flexible foreign currency repayment options appropriate to your income, and a repayment grace period.