Environmental and Social Management Policy

Aklease has consistently been committed to financing any and all environmentally sound and sustainable projects.

Aklease's environmental policies were first included in their lending policies as of April 2011.

In April of 2013, in keeping with its ultimate goal of becoming Turkey's top leasing firm regarding environmental issues, Aklease outlined the policy that it's been developing over the course of a number of years. In line with the Environmental and Social Management System, Aklease has embraced the following principles per its commitment to important environmental issues. As a result, Aklease is committed to:

  1. Contributing to sustainable development in Turkey and supporting projects that encourage positive environmental impact, such as green energy.
  2. Aklease's customers are required to follow all principles of the UN Global Compact. The UNGC's 10 principles (which revolve around human rights, labor, environmental issues and anti-corruption), provide a management platform for the development and implementation of responsible and sustainable procedures.
  3. Aklease as a company ensures compliance with environmental and social issues, occupational safety and health regulations, and safety and security regulations within the scope of all national laws and regulations.
  4. All leasing operations that fall under "Environmental and Social Assessment" are evaluated according to EIA regulations and all related regulations and are required to produce Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation Reports.
  5. Environmental and social risk criteria are taken into account for all leasing operations and any project that might have calamitous environmental consequences will not be supported under any circumstances.
  6. Leasing operations are evaluated on the basis of the Environmental and Social Assessment Form (ÇSDF).
  7. Priority is given to loans regarding investments in renewable energy, eco-friendly technological projects, investments in waste recycling, carbon emission reduction projects, and productivity-enhancing investments such as improving environmental conditions.
  8. Aklease is a company that prides itself on always doing the most to minimize any potential negative environmental impact of its activities.
  9. Following our Environmental and Social Policy is the responsibility of our entire staff and is reflected in each step of our decision making process.
  10. We have the utmost respect and give unconditional support to protecting human rights. All national standards regarding child abuse of forced labor are complied with unequivocally and to the highest degree.
  11. Support is given to developing security, to system development and to the development of employee proficiency.
  12. Importance is given to energy-saving and paper-saving measures.
  13. The "Prohibited Activity List" is followed in all our business practices. These prohibited activities are included within The Environmental and Social Management System.