Key Delivery Solutions for Health Projects

Leasing allows you to obtain all the movables and immovables that your company needs by making them available to you in return for rent payments. For this reason, “leasing”, which literally means “renting”, is a method of long-term financing that offers great opportunities to companies and investors.

As well as offering financing for hospitals, medical centers, clinics and laboratories, Aklease also provides support for all kinds of health equipment needed by doctors. It provides easy, long-term and cost-effective solutions for health investment.

The Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

  • With its robust capital structure, expert cadre and well-established practices, Aklease can help your company make easy and secure investments.
  • Experience Aklease service quality, not just in relation to financial procedures, but also with its communication-based services.
  • You can let Aklease take over the operational procedures for purchasing medical equipment, like MRI and tomography scanners, on your behalf.
  • Facilitate your health investments with up to 100% financing for leasing agreements and utilize your existing financial resources for other needs.
  • Take the opportunity of long-term cost-effective financing which suits your cash flow and comes with flexible payment options.
  • You can make your payments in the currency of your choice and take advantage of flexible repayments and grace period options.