Easy Leasing for SMEs!

Leasing allows you to obtain all the movables and immovables that your company needs by making them available to you in return for rent payments. For this reason, "leasing", which literally means "renting", is a method of long-term financing that offers great opportunities to companies and investors.

Leasing is particularly important for SMEs and is only liable to a 1% VAT rate. The list of equipment that can be leased has been reviewed, creating new investment opportunities for SMEs. Numerous machines and equipment types required in different sectors have been added to the list, from cranes and other construction equipment to CNCs and lathes, and from textile machinery to food processing gear. Thanks to this, investment is increasing in every sector and leasing has become part of growth.

The Benefits of Leasing for Fixed Investments

  • With its robust capital structure, expert cadre and well-established practices, Aklease can help with much more than just operational processes, enabling you to speed through the portfolio assessment stage and make secure investments on behalf of your company.
  • Experience Aklease service quality, not just in relation to financial procedures, but also with its communication-based services.
  • If you are VAT-registered, or do not pay VAT but keep balance sheet accounts, you will benefit from a 1% concessionary VAT rate if you obtain business or construction equipment through leasing.
  • Instead of losing your time on transport, customs, insurance, letters of credit and other operational procedures, you can allow the whole process to be completed, on behalf of your company, by an enterprise solely focused on leasing.
  • Take the opportunity of long-term cost-effective financing which suits your cash flow and comes with flexible payment options.
  • Fixed-term rental charges ensure that your leasing transactions are protected against currency fluctuations, inflation and other increases, eliminating the risk of incremental costs.
  • You can make your payments in the currency of your choice.