The Advantages of Leasing


Long term and flexible leasing payment plans are available for cash flows of all types.

100% financing

100% financing is provided for all operations, including expenses. The ability to lease through Aklease allows institutions to maintain their cash savings.

Fixed term lease guarantee

Fixed lease payments are guaranteed throughout the period of the leasing contract.

Turkish Liras and Foreign Exchange

Regardless of the amount, the lessee will decide whichever currency the lease payments are made in.

Operational Convenience

All purchasing procedures will be carried out by the leasing company, creating the minimum of hassle for the lessee.

Discounted VAT

The lessee can benefit from the favorable 1% VAT rate.

VAT via installments

The Leasing company's advance purchase involves the VAT, after which the VAT is repaid to the leasing company in installments.

Investment Incentives

Provided that all relevant machinery and equipment are covered by the investment incentive certificate, upon transfer to the leasing company the total VAT paid out of leasing payments will be only 1%.

Unique Advantages Offered by Aklease

We offer flexible repayment options, including the possibility for grace periods in which you may improve your business without the burden of payment, all so the period of your investment goes as smoothly as possible.

Enjoy the benefits of international export credit agencies

In the event of the need for the importation of equipment and machinery from abroad, Aklease provides access to export credit agencies (such as Hermes or U.S. Exim), allowing you the opportunity to take advantage of long-term and cost effective financing options.

Take advantage of our expertise and experience

Aklease makes sure that you can make any nautical, aerial, energy, or any other form of investment you see fit with confidence. Aklease creates all the conditions necessary for a fruitful investment using its many years of experience as a leader in the field, its diverse business relationships, experienced staff, and its many varied leasing solutions.

Convert your core assets into a financial resource.

Aklease's sale and leaseback product “Boomerang Leasing” allows you to convert your core assets into financial resources using their current market value.

Make use of Corporate Income Tax and the Value Added Tax exemption.

Boomerang Leasing provides corporate income tax and value added tax exemptions for immovable items.

Keep your bank limits right where you want them

Aklease’s long-term leasing solutions allow you to use your more short term banking expenses wherever you need!

When it comes to the financing of aircraft in Turkey, choose the top company there is.

You can confidently invest in aircrafts using "The top name in Turkey for aircraft leasing, using our cost-effective innovative and long-term leasing solutions.