Aside from patents, trademarks, and other non-leasables, all moveable or immovable items may be

  • All commercial real estate such as offices, places of business, warehouses, factories, and
  • Movables and immovables located in Industrial Zones.
  • All aircraft such as planes, helicopters, and business jets
  • Land transportation vehicles
  • Motor and Sailing boats
  • Business and heavy construction machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • All kinds of other machinery and equipment
  • Wind turbines, generators and other power generating equipment
  • Medical devices and equipment...
  • Electronic and optical devices
  • Store and office equipment
  • Software and its replicates

In addition to the above-mentioned items and all other leasing-related movable and immovable items
all "sale and leaseback" products are covered by Boomerang Leasing.