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Environmental and Social Policy

From past to today, Aklease focused on financing environmentally reliable and sustainable projects in all of its activities.

Aklease included its first environmental policy on April 2011 among its credit policies.

Intended for its aim to become the leader leasing company of Turkey also on this subject, it clarified its policy, which developed within current period, on April 2013. Aklease adopted the following principles within the framework of its environmental sensitivities and the scope of Environmental and Social Management System. In these circumstances, at Aklease;

  1. Persuasive projects that will contribute sustainable development of Turkey and that will have a positive impact (green energy) on the environment are supported.
  2. It is also expected from Aklease’s customers to implement all principles of United Nations Global Principles Agreement (UN Global Compact). 10 principles of United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) (in relation with human rights, laborers, environment and battle against corruption) is the management platform for development and implementation of responsible and sustainable procedures.
  3. Company provides compliance within the scope of national laws and regulations on the subjects of environmental and social issues, work safety and health, security and protection.
  4. Leasing transactions subjected to “Environmental and Social Assessment” are required for Environmental Impact Assessment Reports and evaluated in accordance with CED (Environmental Impact Assessment) regulations and related laws.
  5. Environmental and social risk criteria is paid attention to on leasing transactions and projects with serious negative impact on the environment are not supported.
  6. Leasing transactions are evaluated on the basis of Environmental and Social Assessment Form (ÇSDF).
  7. Procurement of credits for projects enhancing environmental conditions such as renewable energy investments, environmentally-friendly technological projects, waste recycling investments, carbon emission reduction projects, productivity growth investments are prioritized.
  8. Aklease minimizes the environmental impact arising from company activities.
  9. Environmental and Social Policy defines the responsibilities of all assigned staff members within the entire process up until the decision-making phase.
  10. Protection of human rights are supported and respected. National standards regarding child abuse or forced labor are followed.
  11. Subjects in relation with work protection, occupational security and health and protection against fire are taken into consideration. Development of system contributing to safety development and development of employee adequacy are supported.
  12. Energy and paper savings are paid attention to.
  13. "Banned Activity List" is used actively on implementations. Environmental and Social Management System included activities defined on the Banned Activity List that will be handled.